Barebones event

Open starts between 10am and noon. Courses close at 2pm.

The arena will be located under a large white tent with small orienteering flags to point the way. The event uses the map of the Eastern section of Parc du Domaine Vert which was created in 2017 with updates made in both 2021 and 2023. The terrain is mostly flat, forested terrain, with a few ravines and small hills. Special vegetation objects: rootstocks are shown as green crosses, and distinct horizontal tree trunks as short green lines. A small river is located in deep ravines with steep slopes. Although it is crossable, it is not the best route choice. Water features (marshes, streams) will probably be mostly dried up and may be a little different in appearance from how they are mapped, depending on the amount of the rainfall leading up to the event. Emergency bearing is north. At the race terrain near the start and finish, there are a lot of playground installations, some of them with steel cables. Please be careful when running through those areas.